2017 Tax Bills Mailed Out on 11/30/17

The 2017 Tax bills were dropped off at the post office on Thursday, November 30th, 2017 to be mailed out.

If you did not receive yours in the mail, you can look up the information at this link:  http://www.co.rock.wi.us/Rock/TaxSearch/search.php

Or you call the Fulton Town Hall @ 608-868-4103.

Dane County Drainage District Annual Inspections



District inspections will begin on September 8th.  The plan is for the Board to start in the morning at Marshall in District 28 then to Districts 16, 10 up to 7 then 29, 22, and 25 probably in the afternoon of the 8th.  If time allows they will continue with Districts 11, 21 and 4.  If time runs short they will pick up where they left off on Monday the 11th.


If anyone wants to attend the inspection or speak to one of the board members, please contact:  Scott Ringelstetter at (608) 347-4159 or [email protected], Paul Maly at (608) 695-1623 or [email protected], or Leonard Massie at (608) 512-7372 or [email protected]


Thank you.

Dane County Drainage District

Comp. Plan Workshop


2738 W Fulton Center Drive, Edgerton, WI

Notice of Meeting

Monday, Aug. 14th, 2017, @ 6 pm

     Please take notice that a majority of the Town Board and Planning & Zoning Commission may be present at a workshop for updating the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.  No formal action will be taken at this meeting.

.                                                                         Connie Zimmerman, Clerk/Treasurer

* Posted at    CKSD

Carl’s Shell

Fulton Town Hall


On 8/9/17