Centurylink Internet Customers – We Need Your Help – Please Read this post and Email a Letter to the Town Hall

For Internet connection, an area of our town is served by Centurylink.  Many residents have contacted the town hall (especially since the COVID-19 pandemic) asking what can be done to get a faster speed of internet from Centurylink.  The town board will consider approving Resolution #20-3, requesting Centurylink to upgrade the internet to the residents they serve.  Click here to view the resolution https://townoffulton.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Centurylink.pdf

Before the town sends this Resolution to Centurylink, WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Any Centurylink local residents that would like to write their own accounts for submission for an upgrade to their Internet would be great!  The more customers Centurylink hears from the louder our voices are!

The residents that live on the following roads we know have Centurylink DSL Internet:  Consolidated School Rd., Cox Rd. Curharken Dr. & Curharken Ct. , CTH M, E Deer Run Park Rd., Fulton Center Dr., Kidder Rd., Lockwood Dr. Manogue Rd., Moore Rd. N Hwy. 51, Pine View Ct., Pine View Dr.  There may be more that we aren’t aware of.

We are asking that you email the Fulton Clerk, fultonclerk@townoffulton.com a brief statement addressed to Centurylink stating that you would like the DSL line upgraded, and what your disssatisfaction is.  Please include your name and address also.  Please send this to the Fulton Clerk by June 30th.  You can also drop off a brief statement to the town hall.    PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD TO YOUR NEIGHBORS TOO!  Even if you aren’t a current Centurylink customer, but would consider becoming one if they would upgrade their service, send a note stating so.  

We would like to send a large amount of requests to Centurylink.  Let’s see if Centurylink will hear our requests.  

Thank you for your help!